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Our real estate development services in Montreal

What we do

Our goal is to provide our clients with value engineered projects
and to inspire one-of-a-kind experiences for the end-user.


  • Analysis of sites in regards to development potential
  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Technical analysis of site and zoning analysis
  • Land assembly and analysis
  • Legal structuring of a project
  • Project pro forma
  • Project financing options
  • Preliminary development scheduling


  • Selection of professionals and consultants
  • Development schedule
  • Concept development
  • Design management including full master planning
  • Value engineering
  • Zoning change and municipal permitting
  • Environmental issues
  • Legal agreements
  • Full development pro forma
  • Marketing, sales, and leasing

Construction and development management

  • Drafting / preparation of contracts
  • Tender management
  • Contract negotiation with constructor and / or partners
  • Awarding of contracts
  • Quality control
  • Risk management
  • Construction management
  • Close-out procedures
  • Complete project management

Property management

  • Operations
  • Leasing
  • Tenant fit-ups
  • Asset renovation