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College Charles-Lemoyne – Ville Ste-Catherine Addition and Sports Centre

With over 2,300 students spread across three campuses, Collège Charles-Lemoyne is one of Quebec’s leading private high schools. Kodem was mandated to manage the development of an addition to the Ville Ste-Catherine campus in order to accommodate a growing student population. The project included classrooms and a new sports centre which included a triple size gym, training facilities and multipurpose spaces.

Contracted by the CCL to act as the project’s development manager, Kodem undertook to assemble a full project proforma and schedule, the design and consultation process as well as the construction of the project itself. Kodem also played a key role in the engineering process and in the administration of the budget and operational needs.

The 16th edition of the Grands Prix du Design recognized the excellence of the annex and sports center by awarding it the Platinum Winner “Landscape & Territories” in the “Landscape Architecture / Landscape Architecture – Cultural & Institutional” category.

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Collège Charles-Lemoyne – Longueuil, Quebec

Development management

$20 Million