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1414 Drummond Renewal Project

Project Description

The historical building situated at 1414 Drummond in Montreal has served the medical needs of the city for close to 100 years. In great need of renovation, the project began with a full interior demolition and asbestos abatement phase. The building was completely updated with new mechanical and electrical systems, full envelope renovation, code compliant exiting and refreshed common areas. The building was designed to accommodate the new realities of office planning in the 21st century.

Contracted by Monit to act as the project’s development manager, Kodem undertook to assemble a full project proforma and schedule, the design and consultation process as well as the actual construction of the project. Kodem also played a key role in the engineering process and in the administration of the budget and operational needs.

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Monit Investments

Development management

$22 Million